Hannah Broadway


Hannah Broadway is an Illustrator and designer. She had her first picture book published last year in the US. ‘Dog Day’ is due to come out in Australia later this year and the UK soon too. She is working on new stuff now, and has her fingers firmly crossed that another publisher will like it enough. She has been working with Kilter theatre on an illustrated book that accompanied their show in February as well as designing flyers and publicity for various festivals and events, planting broad beans and mooching about!

Best Combinations
This series started with me posing a question to friends via the medium of facebook - still not sure if I like it, but it’s great if you need help making pictures! – I asked people to tell me what their favourite combination was…and these 12 prints represent some of the replies I got. Thank you if you were someone who helped. Maybe you have a favourite BEST COMBO which isn’t here…write it down and peg it up …you could even commission me to create a special print especially for you!
member of the number40 group of artists.